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oh wow.bordum. [16 Apr 2004|04:01pm]
[ mood | excited ]

MY BROTHER IS GETTING A Black 99 Mustang Drop Top On TUESDAY or a CAVALIER.im sooo exciteddd dogg. :)

In other news.
I took my first shower since sunday today.I had the best shave of my life too lol.Brian and Shaun came and picked me up at 1:30 as i asked them to :) and we went to huron park.i havnt been there since...the kevin willard days lol then 2 guys.matt and im not sure his name =/ they played guitar for us.they played a few system of a down songs.which i enjoy :) ha.we talked about pussy.one of them was a virgin and he was 18.he asked me if pussys had teeth? lmao i think i peed my pants laughing.he had a tongue ring and hes a virgin.weird.they asked me to go drink with them.which sounded fun.but i couldnt.they were asking me why girls like me (14 year olds) try and look older so the 18 year olds think were hott and then they get arrested lmao.these dudes are totally cool.id love to chill with them again.theyre a breath of fresh air from the guys i know.like chris the fuckin scum bagg lmao.they left and me and shaun went to mikes.he wasnt home so shaun walked me home after close to a half hour of asking me for "sexual things" lol of course i said NO im going home.we made plans to h/o again soon.i love him an brian.theyre such pot heads.i gave them both huggs and kisses.then i had to climb in my kitchen window to get in.i got online n now me and amber mullins are chilen :) i love and miss her dearly.shes coming over and were probly mallin and stuff in that manor.SO EXCITED.going to get ready again.

_.p0p 0n3._

When the feelin aight the same... [13 Apr 2004|02:31pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

well my mom came back after hours of my dad calling her cell phone repetitivly.she got back at 12?I was watching something on HBO about shrink talking to a guy that killed more then 200 people in jail.I watched hanson mania too <3 <3 love them lol.

this morning had a dentist appt. at like 10? so we left at 9:30.im so tired.IM IN THE NO CAVITY CLUB.what bitch? lmao i got a sticker <3 Val (my hygenist) said i look like tyra banks when i had my flouride things in.She told me about this place her daughter goes in birmingham (sp?) that tae pictures of you and looks for modeling jobs for you.i think thats really cool.her daughter is melony sweeney from warren on the detroit pss the mic thing on channel four?im pissed now..im done updating.

QTHeather6t9: hey
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: hey QT heather ;-)...wtf is your problem..ima ".lil hoe ass bitch" am i?
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: you dont fuckin know me like that
QTHeather6t9: you try to act hard online amanda
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: ill say w/e shit i have to say
QTHeather6t9: you ant shit
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: ...heather i will act hard in your fuckin ugly face
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: dont worry about that
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: i "aint shit"
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: riiite you dont even know me...you have to realize...you new here...you dont know anybody but jessica
QTHeather6t9: ugly ha amanda im ugly that makes yu hiteous
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: ....hiteous?
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: define please
QTHeather6t9: you look like a fuckin alien
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: you have scoliosis...whos the alien?
QTHeather6t9: i hav normal eyes tho
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: i like my eyes.... :-) thanks for noticing them
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: you look like keely
QTHeather6t9: yeah
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: goodbye now BEAUTIFUL
QTHeather6t9: all the way
QTHeather6t9: fuck off
QTHeather6t9: kill your self
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: ...okay :-D
QTHeather6t9: your nasty
QTHeather6t9: why are you still talkin
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: ...because you keep IMing me...and cuz i think your cute ;-)
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: oh and one more thing...you lied about dating scott....thats nasty...and your sayin kim aint shit...you got her address dont you...when she comes back from florida well see who "aint shit"
QTHeather6t9: ohhh im scurred
QTHeather6t9: damn
QTHeather6t9: see you can defend yourself you gotta get kim
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: ....kim aint even fuckin here....IM NOT AFRAID OF YOU...come on. are you fuckin kidding me
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: i dont need kim for shit...shes just ONE of my friends and shell do w/e she has to to make people who wear cake makeup shut the fuck up
QTHeather6t9: cuz you know you cant shut me up cuz you aint shit
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: ....no i aint shit...im human ;-)...
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: what kind of cover up do you use...elmers glue?
QTHeather6t9: good job
QTHeather6t9: your smart
QTHeather6t9: god congrats
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: :-) hell yeah..i know my elmers
QTHeather6t9: yeah
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: does anthony cut your hair too?
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: or is it jessica that does yours?
QTHeather6t9: your a funny one
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: i know. im glad you think so too.
QTHeather6t9: do you sqeeze pizza grease in your hair
QTHeather6t9: it sure looks like it
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: no i use oil sheen ;-) black pride
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: ...actually i dont use grease in my hair...do you squeeze pizza greast on your acne ridden face?
QTHeather6t9: greast
QTHeather6t9: what exactly is that
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: what
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: kay QT.ill talk to you later.im sure youll be in the counciling office with jessica monday so see ya then love ;-)
QTHeather6t9: yeah
QTHeather6t9: sure
QTHeather6t9: buhbye
QTHeather6t9: no probally not
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: why are you still IMing me
QTHeather6t9: i dont cry to teachers like you
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: i know your gonna go tell ms.peterson
QTHeather6t9: bye
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: ...like me
HoeZ Be JeLLouZz: your fuckin friends the one who called a CONFRENCE because she felt threatened by us lmaoooo

not many people should die.but now im thinking about 2.

10 _.p0p 0n3._

BIG news flash: [12 Apr 2004|08:34pm]
[ mood | W_T_F jus happened ]

my mom just left.her and my dad got into a pushing match over something.she packed and shes gone.

_.p0p 0n3._

Dude.i dont care.Ima P-I-M-P. [12 Apr 2004|08:22pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

well yesterday was easter :) went to my gramas.Tony came with us.Me and him just sat online and talked shit to amanda lmao and looked for his college financial aid and stuff.i asked him (jst wondering) if he knew robbie franks.and he put a DISGUSTING look on his face and flatly said "hes a flaming homosexual" lmao i agreed with that one.then we dropped that subject.that cud get me in a alot of trooooouble ya noe.We took alot of family pictures.me and tony had a cheerleading contest(he IS NOT a cheerleader tho lol just a stripper;).i beat him at donkey kicks and the splits.but he had me on pikes and toe touches :-/ we tried a mount too lol i stood on his shoulders and i didnt even fall:D i finally decide to lock my knees AFTER cheerleadings over for the year.i talked to im about stripping at Danielles sweet 16...under the condition that i had to hide in a closet because he doesnt want me to see his "ding-a-ling? flappin around going flap flap flap flap" <-- his exact words lmao.I talked to scott online most of the time.we made plans to hang out today.i guess we were gonna go to the mall? because i NEED my eyebrows waxed like hell.theyre so big they look like Allahs.no joke.but he never called =/ but like i said before.dude i dont care ima P-I-M-P :D ha yeah rite.but i ended up helping my dad redo the trim around the bathroom windows and laying around listening to music alot.i watched a movie called Love and Sex.it was soooooo good.lmao in the movie this chick said that giving blow jobs cures depression.hmmmm...is that why im such a happy person ;) lmao JUST KIDDING!then i went to see my black grama for a few minutes.shes like 5 steps from dying.my moms gonna be so differnt after she passes.it probly wont have much of an affect on me to be 100% honest.then we went to get alex from my cousin scotts.my cousin makayla is the most adorable thing.im onna upload some pictures of her later.i swear she could be a baby model.blonde hair.blue eyes.perfection.im watching fear factor..and i think the swan comes on tonite..ill update when i FINALLY do something over this gay break :).love.

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[11 Apr 2004|05:01pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

1. what's your name?Amanda
2. where are you from? Born/raised Detroit Micigan..reside now..in roseville
3. what's your favorite vegetable? cream corn
4. does coffee suck? i love cappacino
5. who's the most beautiful (by your definition of "beautiful")? um...Danielle Marie Case
7. do you like potatoes? every kind except baked.
8. do you wear make-up? ALWAYS
9. sweden or norway? sweden cuz of sweden house :)
10. do you play video games? sometimes.
11. what's your middle name? mary.
12. do you have any siblings? 2 brothers.one half.
13. do you get along with them? my oldest yeah.alex no.
14. what's the last cd you bought? outkast
15. what's the best cd you own? either prince.usher.or ginuwine.
16. what's the worst cd you own? savage garden.or hanson (lmao theyre my guilty pleasure tho =/)
17. how old are you? 14
18. what's more important love or life: never thought about it
19. what's your favorite song? right now its twista-overnight celebrity.but my 3 all time favorites are camron.hey ma-prince.get off-bone thugs.ecstacy (mine and kimberly's summer anthem <3)
20. are you right handed of left? right
21. spearmint or peppermint? spearmint.peppermint is too...plain?
22. what's the most comfortable pair of shoes you own? actually my black...4 inch heeled hooker boots
23. do you like these surveys? i love surveys
24. what's your favorite color? pink maybe?
25. what's your favorite fruit? fuji apples.watermelon.kiwi and sunkist oranges
26. is pornography gross or entertaining? entertaining, duh
27. do you believe that there is a God? yeah i think so
28. are you still in school? yup. freshmen
29. does AOL suck? more than youll ever know
30. is punk dead? im not sure?
31. best band in the world is? band?hanson lmao im serious actually =/
32. favorite number? 33
33. what's your favorite brand of gum? juicy fruit
34. if you could marry anyone in the world, man or woman, celebrity or non-celebrity, living or dead, who would it be? prince or danielle case lmao or kim.or all 3 at once.
35. why? prince is the sexiest man that ever lived and danielle case is beautiful.kim is my personality EXACTLY.
36. what are your parents' names? Mary/Al
37. color or colour? color..isnt that the proper spelling?
38. what's your favorite kind of music? almost anything but country or techno
39. do you wear glasses? i OWN glasses and SHOULD wear them but dont.
40. did you enjoy your high school experience? i barely have a highschool experience
41. who's your favorite comedian? DAVE CHAPPELLE bitch
42. who do you wish you could smack in the face? jessica karowski
43. was your childhood enjoyable? about a quarter of it.we moved alot =/
44. what's your favorite kind of cheese? string.or mozzerella
45. what's your "guilty pleasure" movie? major payne
46. did the 80s suck? the music was guuuuuureat.ex.prince :D
47. what's your favorite curse word? im honestly trying not to 'curse' but i love saying dammit.adding hand gestures it can be the most expressive word.
48. do you like donuts? i really dont.but im such a lard ass i eat them all the time.food is food right?
49. do you hate these questions? some.
50. do you have any animals? snake.turtles.fish.2 dogs.and ants in my bathroom <3

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.Still Sick. [11 Apr 2004|03:25pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Last Night.
Virginia Macy and one of her friends stayed the night because it was too late for them to drive home or something of that sort.They slept in the basement.KIM CALLED ME.She told me in FL.theyre is a store that ONLY SELLS PLAYBOY ITEMS.I So much wana be there with her.Me and alex slept in my room.I fell asleep at like 10:20 watching comic view.which was hilarious by the way.
This Morning.
At 7 i got my easter basket or w/e.lmao yeah i know im too old but my parents insist on still "playing easter bunny" or whatever.We were supposed to go to church but we were all exhausted and i of course was feeling shitty.I duno why its lasting this long.I made french toast/sausage and tony presented the plates with like powdered sugar and strawberries for Virginia and her girl.It took like an hour.But i have alot of fun with my brother now that he doesn't live with us anymore.i can talk to him about alot more things.He went to this party last night and this 14 year old girl flashed him and asked to see his dick but he wudnt.I duno its just cool to be close with him like this <3.Hes moving to arizona in june tho.We all got dressed and ready and now were coming to my gramas.I DESPISE WHAT IM WEARING.I was wearing a differnt shirt but my mother insisted that i am not a slut and nobody wants to see my fucking boobs so it would be in my best intrest to change because nobody will be here for me that would be intrested in how my boobs look today. =) so i just wore a black t shirt instead.Right now im talking to scott and sending him and allison some cheerleading pictures or whatever.i LOVE my new journal.Thanks again merveta.

_.p0p 0n3._

_._Danielles_._ [10 Apr 2004|05:35pm]
[ mood | hung the fuck over man ]

I showered.My mom straightend my hair for me for the first time this year.It is so much quicker when she does it.Lately I've been curling my hair so it looks layered.I really like it like that and kim said it looks better so thats my new thing <3.I called Danielle to make our plans and such.She said she would call me in an hour.I did my makeup, brushed my teeth, put my bra strap around my neck (The new style kim came up with.It's so hott dude.)I ate a milk and cereal bar.My dad finally drove me to Danielles.
After an hour or so of it being just me, Danielle, Jeremiah and Nicole people started coming.Tom.Robbie.Amanda.Randy.Joe.Will.Rip.Josh.Whitney.Her boyfriend.Andrea.We all put in our liquor and weed money.Jeremiah and Andrea went to get our liquor and our Erica :).Robbie went to get our weed and blunt raps and things of that nature.
Me and Erica did about 10 shots together.I did a few by myself.We had Captain Morgan and Peppermint Schnapps (Which was okay actually).We passed a blunt and 2 joints around.After all of us were fucked for the night, Blake and steve and 2 more of their friends whose names i have forgotten came.I just sat at the table with Randy, Steve and blake and them.We talked about how hott me and lynchie are ;) ha.Some of the guys there could not belive i was 14.But i am lol.They were saying shit like "Your a hott 14 year old" blah blah blah.i know all that already lmao.just kidding ;).Cassie, Richie, Jeff and Stephon came for Erica ;) haha he asked her and her boobie purse on a date lmao i love that girl.Nicole is fucking hella cool too and beautiful.
Me and Randy chilled on the porch.Hes really ugly, dresses really ugly, talks really ugly.Me being drunk, I didn't notice or remember just how sheerly ugly he was when we first met.He kissed me a couple times.Then i nearly flipped off the porch <3 and we went back inside.I so much wanted to just dance and shit but I was too scared i was gonna puke.Everybody left at around 3 and I slept in Danielles bed while Erica slept with her face in the toilet.Jeremiah and Nicole slept with baby bear and wanda :) <3.overall i had alot of fun.
This morning...
Utterly hell.My head was so heavy this morning.My eyelids stung when i opened them.After i arose from the dead me and Erica the beautiful recapped the night.She was telling me how much she missed me and kim =D <3.I miss kim too.i wish she was there with me.but i still had fun.I had my mom pick me up at around 9:30 this morning.I couldn't show how i felt because if my body was hung over on the car floor im sure she would notice i had a hang over lmao.We went to rite aid for last minute easter stuff.She bought me that Sally Hansen spray on cover up <3 black eyeliner.She got me this hair spray that makes it look like you have blonde highlights.It washes out tho.She also got me this tanning lotion.Its made by *No-Ad* its tanning gel with bronze colored glitter in it.it has like carrot extract in it so you get your darkest possible tan.Can't wait to use it<3.in the parking lot we beat each other up with our purses and FINALLY drove home.
Randy called me.Hes getting "fucked up" off "schroomies" and wants to "hang" tomorrow.I had my brother call him back and tell him hes too old to call here. <3 lmao it was so funny.I don't like Randy.I didn't use my judge ment, well i didn't have judgement to use when he ask for my number, so i gave it to him.I don't want to talk to him at all.Allonta called againnnnnn.i didn't answer.I slept for a minute and now i am watching the college hill marathon on BET.Im not doin anything else today.My stomachs still a lil weak now i know my limits with alcohol intake.

Happy Easter Everybody.
Love to Everybody.

Thanks Marveta for doing my background Love you Alot


_.p0p 0n3._

Its Just Emotions Taking Me Over. [09 Apr 2004|02:36pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

well.thursday i went to school.alot of work to catch up on.i miss daniell.kim.sam.marveta.vernica tho <3 after school i went to kims..ate a lunchable..then anthonys brother picked us up to all go tanning.me amanda floyd.kim.anthony.joshie and his brother all fit into a small mustang lol.kim sat on my lap <3 ha.i hate her.we watched cheernite when we got home.then i left at like 8ish.and kim was on her way to florida =/ ill miss her alot.i put together the new ab machine my mom bought my dad and watched howard stern.

today.i babysat at 9 a.m. left at 10 30?.worked out.played basketball with alex and got online.my dad called.i talked to him for a second.tony came over.i tlkd to scott about feelings and such.and i actually cried =/ i feel ridiculous.and stupid.and gay.and dumb.


2 _.p0p 0n3._

[08 Apr 2004|10:09pm]
ill update once i get my new background thnks for Mervert The Pervert <3 lmfaoooooo i love and miss you much marveta..i look forward to seeing your GIGANTUROUS ass over break beautiful :)
_.p0p 0n3._

still sick=/ [07 Apr 2004|05:42pm]
[ mood | cold ]

i know my typing is annoying on like my title and stuff but i just needed something new util i actually renovate my WHOLE journal ya noe.

well.i didnt go to school again today.i woke up with a really high fever and cold sweat.so my mom let me stay home again <3 usually when i stay home i just dont wana be bothered with school or my stomach hurts a little.nothing big.but like the 2 days ive missed this week are actually because im sick.im like puking up green stuff-my throats really raw-its hard for me to talk-im sleeping alot-and i have another swollen gland in my neck =/.im so cold im actually shaking..but my dad said my face&neck are burning up.hes getting me a cold compress.my parents are really helping out alot.like bringin food up to me and such.i really appreciate that from them.so im trying really hard to be nice to everybody here.theres one more day left this week.im still debating on whether or not i should go.we have a big bio test tomorrow so i really am "if-fy" about going.
my group got an a+ on the presentation in ms.koss's class.i duno if that also counts for me tho since i wasnt present in her class for every day this week (b/c monday we had that "confrence" or w/e)

on a lighter note.i did talk to chris (skelton)and i guess we decided we are still together?.i sent him more pictures.i think its so ridiculous that weve been going out for like 3 months (sort of) and i havnt seen him in probly 4 months.thats so gay.its like a phone/long distance/aol relationship thing.hes cool or whatever.just really immature for his age.hes turning 18 in august and like...he says 'kissy kissy bye bye' at the end of every conversation.like is that normal?.or is it just me having too high of expectations?who knows.

friday afternoon im goin dress shopping with my mom.then im staying the night at danielle cases for the first time in like a month.i miss her house.and i miss my lil boyfriend dillon <3 lol her lil brother dillon says he likes me cuz im half black :) how cute.robbies gonna be there =/ :) i duno how i feel about that.kinda mixed emotions.i mean he has a girlfriend and stuff.but he had a girlfriend last time too.he didnt seem to care.i dont have feelings for him.andif i end up doing something that will momentarily impair my judgement (i.e.liquor/and or weed) i might end up doing the same thing that i did last time..maybe more?the weird thing is...i think robbie will be that guy that i dont have feelings for but i do stuff with when im intoxicated lol.that doesnt bother me much tho.its just gona suck being at D's alone b/c usually kim watches me and makes sure im not doing something really stupid.shes my guardian anywhere we go :) <3 i love her and im gonna miss her so much over break.

soo beautyful: I Samantha Folan, agree to move on and get over Charles Brady. Only if after he get's his liscence we don't hang out. If we do i have full privelages to still like him. The time period will last one week from the day he tell's me he got his liscence.

signature x________________

i love samantha and the last time we hung out was during cheerleading when we went to the mall.so obviously i miss her sexxy ass.hopefully we hang out during break?.maybe a date ;).haha love you.

<3 amanda

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my weekend. [05 Apr 2004|09:27pm]
[ mood | sick ]

saturday.babysat.went to kims at 5.went to the mall at 6:30.saw part of cheaper by the dozen.100% gay.we left about 300989 times.james skelton was workin.we talked for a minute or w/e.he got his tongue pierced.left at 9?ish.went home.called scott back b/c he called.and called chris skelton back b/c i said i would.we talked for an hour?.then i promised to call him back at 11:30.i fell asleep watching jungle fever =/.

sunday.laid around all day after i babysat.got paid my 35 dollars =)so now i have 60.me alex and my dad went to subway and dunhams to get our basketball net or w/e since tony broke ours before he moved out.i watched alice and wonderland and fell asleep agin.kim came home.i got changed.my dad said he saw "a left tit shot" when i walked past him.he told me to change.i asked why.and then i became aware that im grounded and i cant "dress like a slut" anylonger =).so i slept again.

monday.wasnt gonna go to school.i did tho b/c we had a test in mr.koss and b/c i dint want kim to be w/o lunch money <3 lol.whore.no feeling good at all.made plans with Danielle for friday.kims goin to florida for break so ill most.def be looking for somebody to hang with.

half day tomorrow.not sure if im going.

_.p0p 0n3._

yestrday. [03 Apr 2004|10:49am]
[ mood | excited ]

school was school i guess.i got a pass to the CO in the middle of 5th hour.so whatever.i go down there and i have to talk to miss accavitti (sp?) and she asked me millions of questions about her.the most amusing was the question "does the fact that justin is mixed with black and white have anything to do with this hatred you have for her?" lmfaooo.im like "look at me...im mixed...why would i care if he is" but i was done talkin to miss.a and then kim went in there and talked to her.and told her the stuff jessica and heather said when they called her cell phone.monday kims bringing her phone so miss.a can hear the messages jessica left her saying "die bitch i hope you burn in hell" and things of that manor.me and kim arent gettin in trouble for jessicas stupid ass cryin shit and trying to make herself the victim.fuck all that.

after school i went to kims.ate some philipino cookies =P and went to my house to get my money.we walked to hong kong buffet and had our usual 2 for 10 special thing.i got a business card so i can make a memory book sometime this year/summer :).i went home after that and straightened my hair.eryn and tyler were here <3 i colored with erin.and watched a disney singalong with her.i totally remembered EVERY song from when i was little.then i walkd to kims in my pjs ;) haha and we looked at old notes and shit.i wish i was still that funny lmfaoooo.ive never lauffed so hard.i wrote poems and shit that were utter hilarity.i missed kim so much.her and dave talked or w/e while i just looked at degrassi communities lol.and i saw this community boys kissing or something like that.it was kinda weird?we found 2 limo companys and were kinda "negotiating" with them rite now.we watched elimidate.slept.

awoke this morning at 7:45 and walked home.it was really nice out.my mom told me my dogs ran away yesterday.there home now.thank god. i did my hair/makeup and now im just online fuckin around with journals again.babysitting at 1-5.

*_*Todays Plans*_*

babysitting celeste and savanah down the street from 1 until 5.another easy 20 bucks.

taning with kim.then mall to get our eyebrows done finally

bowling at some place on grosbeque (sp?) with marneesha.some johnny kid and all their friends.danielle case.me and kim :) it it going to be sooooooo fun.i cannot wait.i love kim and danielle.they are my best friends =).


update tomorrow



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>*->*bored*<-* [30 Mar 2004|05:53pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

^ ^ that song is on one of our music channels...its really weird..but kinda catchy..

since nothings really going on in my life lately this is going to be one of those entrys that have alot of feelings put into them :)

honestly right now i kinda feel lonely-ish.i mean even KIM has a boyfriend.MARVETAS not even allowed to date and she has a boyfriend.i just kinda feel like i have nobody but kim.maybe im just being gay and retarted.i guess what im saying is that i want a boyfriend.but i want a boyfriend thats like me...i want a guy that doesnt NEED to hang out with me everyday...and somebody who doesnt always wana talk on the phone with me...and somebody who doesnt give me compliments all the time...i want somebody thats like me...not obsessive ya noe...like not to bring up the past but like...scott sobanski and eric-ish type pepole are exactly the kinda of person im avoiding now.me and scott hung out everyday for like 3 months.i didnt realize how unnecessary it was until now.and me and eric were on the fone from the time i left school until the time i went to bed.thats so un-like me.

anyways.off the subject of gayness lol.i am addicted to degrassi.i swear i will cry if i miss it.the cable guy came today to fix our cable thing.and it finally works right.so i looked at the comcast tv guide<3 and found out degrassis on from 7-8 so..im gonna go make some food.real worlds on tonite too :D.im so exhausted tho.

my dog has one more chance...then hes gone =/

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my weekend. [28 Mar 2004|05:48pm]
[ mood | craving degrassi ]

friday-me.donna.marneesha and marveta were all at marvetas like i said before.i got up at 7 do to my fuckn biology homework.then they all got up at like 7:45ish by hatixha thrusting herself onto them.humping them. and singing to them lmfaooo.i love her to fuckin death.so all of us showered (xcept me and neesha lmao)we all did our makeup and shyt then hatixha went picked up samantha and kim and we went to Andary's (i think it was..maybe im making that up?).i ate literally 6 pieces of buttered bread.then my whole omlett and all my hashbrowns.i didnt really like the breakfast but i DO like food.so i took advantage of the situation.
we took 566868 pictures and then drove sam home.and dropped kimmy off at her itty bitty bus stoppy woppy lmfaooooo.i should die.but uhmm.we got to school and it was raining.we all waited in front of the school.then i remembered i had "borrowed" some bread and some butter from the resturaunt ;) so i buttered that bitch up and devoured it in front of the school lmfao.eric and justine gave me the most DIGUSTED looks ive ever witnessed.i thought it was kinda funny though.
school was school.biology test.kinduv easy?.i shoulda studied more though.went straight home.got kims message from the nite before telling me good luck at cheernite :) <3 now i know why the hell shes my best friend.i love you kim you fuckin whore.

scotty came over <3 i havnt seen him since...since i was grounded.i swear i love him.hes kinduv an ass tho.but he always makes me laugh.

then kim called and asked me if i wanted mcdonalds or burger king.of course my black ass picked mcdonalds.DUH.so her grama drove her over.kim got me root beer <3 <3 i swear to god shes my best fuckin friend.we watched degrassi and then me her alex and scotty walked up to family video.tony met us up there.we rented Dahlmer.40 days and 40 nites and Hobbs end. then we all went to baskin robbins and i bought everybody ice cream.on the way home me and kim just made fun of tony and stuff lol.he tripped over a crack in the sidewalk..kim tried to imitate him and her chinese ass fell over into the wet ass grass lmfaooo.it was hilarious.we got back to my house at 9ish.tony locked kim out.hes gay.

i had to fuckin call the neighbors to confirm me babysitting saturday from 5-10.then we sat down and watched hobbs end.i turned all the lights off ;).it was kinda confusing.most.def scary tho.at the scariest part of the movie my fuckn power went out and me and kim sat on the couch and cried.then my parents got home n turned it back on.it was alot less scary when i knew it was because of too many things on at once.i thought it was hobbs lmfaooooo.we fell asleep watchin 40days/40nites.i woke up at like 4 in the morning to the sex scene in the movie.how pleasent.the volume was on like 40 so im sure everybody woke up to some chick having an orgasm cuz my mom came into the living room and woke us up and made us go up to my room.bitch.we slept til 9ish.made breakfast.watched dalhmer.kim had to leave.so i played life with scotty and alex and watched the first season of family guy on dvd.which was funny.kim came back over.she went tanning alone while i went babysitting.then she walked over there to keep me company.the baby cried NON FUCKING STOP.kim ate like 300 pieces of our pizza then left.i got home at 9 30ish.watched degrassi then radio free roscoe (yes we have comcast now so im addicted to the-n lol)i fell asleep at idk what time.tell me why chris skelton called at 11 50 something?nobody heard it tho.my house was sleeping lmfao.tony called at 1 in the a.m.he jus got off work.and called to tell us his new profession and he was on his way over...he told us hes a "dancer" thats all im sayin.lmfaoooo.thats why he needed nair so bad on friday nite.he had to work saturday.its sposed to be a secret.his name is mr.vain.but uhm.i went to bed at 1 30ish.woke up at 8?.ate breakfast.took my hair down finally.it itched sooooo bad.i showered.and went to lazer edge (?) for the cheerleadin party.lotts of fun.im glad i went.rite now im just sitting here online.i talked to skelton.he said were still going out then singed off.cute.lmfaooooo i also talked to scott.he got a new email for w/e reason so i gotta email him.

<3 Amanda

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cheer nite :) [26 Mar 2004|07:30am]
[ mood | drained ]

well uhh..not too much has happened since i last update.

yesterday -thursday- was cheernite.i wasnt too nervous until i got there.after everybody was there i swear to god the gym was overflowed with people i didnt even noe.it was sooooooo like nerve wracking (sp?)me and sam stayed outside mos of the time.blakes hot.we did see easland tho.i actually think we did equally good.correct me if im wrong.we did our cheer/dance thing.everybody said we did good.ms.karen gave us all hugs.ms.becky gave us all flowers <3 n suckers and the try out shedules for rhs cheerleading.which im still considering.after we finished the dance and stuff marveta.donna.marneesha.and heather came up there.they were acting HILARIOUS i swear ive never laughed so hard in my life.but uhm.i talked to jeremey for a second or w/e.he is the fuckin most sexxy person ive ever seen.then marneesha talked to brian cole.some guy with an orange jersey showed me like this weird handshake lol.i duno.but my mom drove us to neeshas to get her stuff.lmfao she brought her porno of course.then we went to my house.i tried an onion for the firs time.its DESPICABLY DISGUSING.i almos vomited.we got money.called johnnie and jus fucked around with him.then came to marvetas (who i love and miss and havnt hung out with in almost a year).hatixah is the funniest living -albanian- human alive lmfaoooooo i love her to death.

today.school starts at 11 30?.so were all showering now and going out to breakfast.and im doing my biology.

this weekend.
going tanning with kim.i will mos likely have to babysit saturday 9-2 then sunday 9-2.but both days are 20 dollars so its most.def. worth it.hopefully we end up at the mall or movies or something.i really miss hangin out with her =/.

update later.


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thought this was cute... [24 Mar 2004|07:41pm]
What Makes You Sexy? by eva71
Sexy Body Part IsYour Lips
Special Talents AreEverything (Multi-talented)
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!</
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HIV positive [24 Mar 2004|07:06pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

lots to say.

let me just say that this morning i was awoken by the "yeah yeah yeahs" great new hit smash top 40 great album release maps.at 4 in the a.m.i cried.picked my nose for a minute and went back to sleep lmfaoooooooooooo im soooo repulsive.

lmfaoo.i also want to mention how i almost got my ass beat by JD.

me and eric broke up.it was a lil less than a week.lmfao.i told sam it would be a week :).but i guess its because hes not "ready for a relationship" but he feels like a jerk and such-well atleast thats what he told me-.thats okay.its not like i asked him out.its not like i was the one saying "im hoping to be with you for a very long time".im not the one who -on the second day of talking- wispered "i love you" in his ear lmfaooo.that was all him.but its okay.were staying friends i guess.but i sid hi to him today and hes being weird.well probly end up back to how we were 2 weeks ago,non exsistant.which is fine if thats what he desires.

my best friend in the entire fucking world-kim of course-is ungrounded finally :) were gonna do sooo much this weekend.tannning.mall.maybe billys or daves?.i duno.

cheernight is tomorrow.wer okay.lets just say we wont be the team everybody remembers lol.im kinda bored with cheerleading lately.i guess i just need a break.and i miss kim alot.since cheerleading started weve hung out like half as much.

Kim made the softball team :) congratulations bitch.hope you have fun playin with them balls lmfaooo.i shud kill myself.

Marneesha did my hair today.and yes, just like the last time she did it.i do look ghetto.but its cute -in my WHITE opinion- lol.

We got our egg babys today.my carrier is sooo cute.its a pink lacey heart basket.and the teddy bear is like half the size of the egg <3 its so hott lol.i gota girl.jayce//stacey//veronica//andy//maggie helped me name her. Porsche Amya Danyell britton lmfaoooooo just kiddin about the britton part.i was just being gay today thats all.but uhm.mine has freckles :).and shes a lesbian =/.everybodys differnt tho.i guess its okay.

Mrs.becky bought us pizza at our last practice <3 which was wonderful..thanks :)

Roger walked me to almost all my classes today.he was telling me how much he wants to be with me and hes gonna walk me to class everyday and write me and talk to me and IM gonna call HIM everyday lol.rogers a really nice guy.and its not like hes ugly or anything ya noe.but its just like.hes not my type.and if i tell him that he gets mad and i dotn wana hurt his feelings.but i can tell you now.nothings gonna develop between us unless he becomes Chopper from da band over nite lmfaoooo.

My mom hit me with the dust pan today lol it was kinda funny.then she said kiss my ass.and i said okay love you bye :).

We swam in gym.i wore my new bathing suit <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 LOVE IT.and my flowered shower cap lmfao.mr.bleasdale was making fun of me...look at his shower cap.oh wait thats his hair lmfao.

right now -im gonna go over our cheer night routine.
-wash the bottom half of my hair
-call kim
-and maybe call chris skelton back


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lonnnng survey. [21 Mar 2004|03:51pm]
[ mood | W T F ]

[Jewelry worn daily]: i wear a gold ring that my mom gave me a few years back (its made of all the jewelry her x boyfriends bought her)
[Pillow]: hard and thick
[Shoes]: i like open toe heels.but usually tennis shoes
[Favorite top]: white tee shirts <3
[Favorite bottoms]: white pants
[Cologne/Perfume]: Calgon hawaiian ginger or design
[CD in stereo right now]: prince greatest hits 2
[Piercings]: ears =/
[Hair]: a lil past my shoulder.dark blonde according to the box.my naturals curly dark brown.i straighten it tho.
[What you are wearing now]: the sweat pants i wore yesterday when eric came over ( we matched :) <3 ) and alex's aero hoodie.
[In my mouth]: cookie dough
[In my head]: when im gonna hang out with eric agin :)
[After this]: watchin tv or talkin on the fone
[Talking to]: joshie
[The last thing you ate?]: cookie dough ice cream :P
[Some of your favorite movies]: MAJOR PAYNE
[Something that you are deathly afraid of]: plastic lmfao im dead serious
[Do you believe in love at first sight]: lust at first site
[Do you belive in forgiveness]: usually
[If you could have any animal for a pet]: gineua(?sp) pig
[What are 3 cities you wouldn't mind relocating to?]: chicago.traverse city.jackson michigan ;) lmfao kim[What's something you wish you could understand better?]: why erics sooo nice.

[In the last 24 hours, have you]
01. Cried: almost
02. Bought something: alex is buying me cheese sticks rite now
03. Gotten sick: to my stomach yeah.
04. Sang: ALOT lol
05. Eaten: yes ALOT lol
07. Felt stupid: yes ALOT lol
08. Wanted to tell someone you loved them, but didn't: unfortunatley yes =/
09. Met someone new: nope.ive barely left my house this weekend
10. Moved on: nope.
11. Talked to an ex: well erics one of my x's so yeah.
12. Missed an ex: not anymore.hes nasty.(not eric) lol
13. Talked to someone you have a crush on: yehhhh ;)
4. Had a serious talk: actually yes.
15. Missed someone: kinda
16. Hugged someone: a few times
17. Fought with your parent: a few times
18. Dreamed about someone you can't be with: not anymore
01. Have you known the longest: my parents?
02. Do you argue with the most with: mom/kim lol
03. Do you always get along with: eric
04. Is the trustworthiest: kim
05. Makes you laugh the most: kim/eric/danielle case
06. Has been there through all the hard times: kim
07. Has the coolest parents: Danielle
08. Have the coolest siblings: kim ; lmfao.danielle case i meant
09. Is the most blunt: marveta
10. Is the smartest: kim probly

01. Who is your role model: dont have one
02. What is some of your pet peeves: dirty looks.anonomous posts.people acting different around me.
03. Have you ever liked someone you had no chance with: yessssssssssssss
04. Have you ever cried over the opposite sex: once in 6th grade lmfao shane
05. Do you have a "type" of person you always go after: not anymore.usta be wiggers.then it was skaters.now its just whoever likes me lol
06. Have you ever lied to your best friend(s): not over anything big.
07. Ever wanted to get revenge on someone because they hurt you: always
08. Rather be dumper or dumped: it doesnt matter.
09. Rather have a relationship or a "hookup": usually its hook up lol.but lately i feel relationship-able
10. Want someone you don't have right now: nope
11. Ever liked your best guy/girl friend: uhm i guess scott.but that was before me and kim got so close
12. Do you want to get married: not currently
13. Do you want kids: not that i know of
14. Do you believe in psychics: some
15. Do you believe you know the person whom you will marry at this point in time: yes.i duno who it is tho.
16. What is your favorite part of your physical appearance: my lips..and (when theyre green) my eyes.
17. What is your favorite part of your emotional being: i dont know my emotional being
18. Are you happy with you: half the time
19. Are you happy with your life: a quarter of the time
20. If you could change something in your life right now, what would it be: the whole robbie situation

Have you...

1. Fallen for your best friend?: besides scott no
3. Been rejected?: yes a few times
4. Been in love?: i think once.
5. Used someone?: yeah
6. Been used?: probly everyday
8. Done something you regret?: yes atleast a million things

Who was the last person..

9. You touched?: eric when i did my secret move on him :)
10. You talked to?: my bitchy mom
12. You instant messaged?: sara butkovitch (sp?)
14. You had sex with?: -
15. You yelled at?: mom
16. You laughed with?: alex
17. Who broke your heart?: i would say scott.but i realize now he didnt mean that much to me.

Do you..
19. Color your hair?: not anymore
20. Have tattoos?: nope
21. Have piercings?: in my ears only
22. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? yeap.
23. Own a webcam? i have this like..digital camera thing from like toys r us lol.me and kim have the same one :)
24. Own a thong? uhm.doesnt every girl?
25. Ever get off the damn computer? im hardly ever on
27. Habla espanol? buenos nochez
28. Quack? no i bark biatch.i mean uhm.quack?

Have you / do you / are you...
29. Stolen anything? i dont think so
30. Smoke? i have.but i wont ever agin.
32. Obsessive? secretly
33. Compulsive? i duno.
34. Obsessive compulsive? don't think so
35. Panic? yes
36. Anxiety? yes
37. Depressed? not usually
38. Suicidal? only when i get in SERIOUS fights with my mom.i dont advertise it in aways and profiles and such tho.i tell kim.
39. Obsessed with hate? not anymore
40. Dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore? i dreamed my whole family died except my grama

41. If you could be anywhere, where would you be? kims
42. Can you do anything freakish with your body? uhm.i can wrap my leg behind my head and i can make myself burp lol
43. What facial feature do you find the most attractive on others? either smile or eyes
44. Would you vote for a woman candidate for president?: i wont vote
45. Would you marry for money?: how much?
46. Have you had braces?: no
47. Do you pluck your eyebrows? yes
48. Do you like hairy backs? i dont pay attention lmfao
50. Could you live without a computer?: probly
51. Do you use ICQ, AOL Buddy list etc: AIM
52. If so, how many people are on your list(s)?:122
53. If you could live in any past, where would it be?: whenever hitler was here.thad be intresting.
54. Do you wear white socks?: usually.
55. Do you wear shoes in the house or take them off?: on
56. Your favorite fruit?: kiwi.watermelon.oranges.apples.grapes
57. Do you eat wheat bread or white?: potatoe (its yellow) lol
58. What is your favorite place to visit?: traverse city because its really fun there
59. What is the last movie you saw?: MAJOR PAYNE
61. Are you photogenic?: not usually
62. Do you dream in color or black and white?: color
63. Are you wearing fingernail polish?: like sheer pink
64. Is it chipped or fresh?: kinda fresh i guess
65. Do you have any dimples? not that i notice
66. Do you remember being born?: nope.
67. Why do you take surveys?: cuz im bored.
68. Do you drink alcohol? Occasionally
69. Did you like or do you like high school?: not ther yet
70. What is the best accent? apu's
71. Who do you want to kiss? eric but shhhh.dont tell him ;) lol
72. Do you like sunrises or sunsets the most?: sunsets
73. Do you want to live to be 100?: nope.
74. Is a flat stomach important to you?: yeah only cuz i'm super self conscious
75. Do you or have you played with a ouija board? no but i have a strong desire to
76. Are you loyal?: usually
77. Are you tolerant of other peoples beliefs?: nope
78. When you watch movies at home, do you like the lights on or off?: off
79. Do you like your nose?: i dont really pay attention to it.
80. Do you think you can draw well?: Not at all
81. At what age did you find out that Santa Clause wasn't real? 10 probly
82. How many pairs of shoes do have in your closet?: probly 13ish
83. Do you like to wear the same shoes everyday or do you like a variety? variety
84. Do you write poetry?: not since 7th grade when i had no friends lol
85. Snore?: i drool/talk in my sleep tho
86. Do you sleep more on your back, front, or sides?: sides
87. Cats/Dogs?: dogs
88. Do you lick stamps?: ewwww they taste nasty
89. Do you use an electric can opener?: i dont know how
90. Have you ridden in a hotair balloon?: no

here we go...

Like your name?: not one part of it.its disgusting.
Were you named after anyone?: my middle name is my moms name/my gramas middle name.
Do you wish on stars?: nope
Which finger is your favorite?: i like my middle fingers
When did you last cry?: i dont know
Do you like your handwriting?: sometimes.lmfao compared to kims.YES.
Who do you admire: my grama.
What is your favorite animal?: dogs
If you were another person, would you be friends with yourself?: no.
Are you a daredevil?: not usualy.
Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell?: everybodys but kims and danielles
Have you ever stolen anything? not thati know of
Do looks matter? yeah kinda
Have you ever miss used a word and it sounded absolutely stupid?: yes
Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?: no
Are you trendy?: whats trendy?
How do you release anger?: cry..
Do you trust others easily?: sometimes too easily
What was your favorite toy as a child?: my PJ sparkles teddy bunny bear thing.i still have it :)
Do you like sappy love songs?: secretly
Have you ever been on radio or television?: tv for choir concerts an girl scout things.and for the spelling bee in 6th grade
Do you have a journal?: im in it right now.
Do you use sarcasm a lot? sarcasm is my life
Have you ever been in another country? ive barel been in another state lmfao
What is your nickname?: mandy...manda...fagg...nigger...uhm...my auntie claudia calls me Pj (pimp juice) lol its a black thing i guess and eric calls me juicy.
Would you bungee jump?: yes
Do you untie your shoes every time you take them off?: no
what are you worried about right now?: im not worried about it but im wondering why chris is an asshole and wants me to call him.
Do you ever wear overalls?: kims once in a while
Do you think you are strong?: not one bit.

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saturday afternoon/nigt [21 Mar 2004|01:04pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

i walked on the tredmill for like an hour or so.then eric called so we could make our plans or whatever.so uh.he showered.i worked out/watched major payne lmfaoooo i love that movie with all heart.ive never seen something so funny.then uhm.i talked to my mom for a few.eric called me back an hour or so later.we talked for a lil then kim t and samantha came over b/c theyre scooter broke? or something lol.they told me a few more lil gay gossip stories.then they drank hot coco lol and they left.my dad ordered pizza.erics mom drove him over at like 7 30ish.we just hung around upstairs.i showed him my favorite parts of major payne <3 lmfao.he didnt lauff nearly as hard as i did tho =/ lol.then my GAY brother came upstairs.and did wrestling moves.then he was being GAY and decided he'd use my fone in my room to call 911 lmfaoooo.so he dialed it.then hung up.then like 5 seconds later the phone rang.and of course.the caller id reads "roseville city" lmfaoooo.ive never laughed so hard.then alex got grounded for it.then uhm.he went downstairs.me n eric just talked n such.then at like 9:55 ish alex came back upstairs.n started doing wrestling moves.he wudnt go downstairs.so me and eric barely got to say bye when his mom pulled up =/.i was so pissed.he had to come back tho b/c he forgot his phone.AGAIN lol.he only has to come over one more time until my mom lets me over his house.yesssss lol.

family reunion in mississippi//going to texas to see allison in july.hopefully its not near my birthday.


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alots been going on lately... [20 Mar 2004|12:07pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

well um.i think its been a week since ive updated.

me and eric woods are going out now :) which is really great.
yeah i kno it was kinda...well really quick...but some stuff just has to happen the way it does...im really happy with him.

yesterday night i had cheerleading 5:15 until 6:45...i got there late b/c my mom took me to rainbow to buy a new outfit on my dads credit card lmfao.but i didnt find anything i liked =/ so i was really extremely pissed off.then i finally got to practice 15 minutes late.and nicole steenberg was there crying.sam told me it was b/c of me and eric or w/e and sam also told me nicole was saying stuff like "i cant believe erics going out with that ugly slut...if eric goes out with girls that ugly that makes me feel bad" ya noe.just stuff about me or whatever.whether its true or not i dont really care because im not the one she should be mad at.its not a big deal tho.eric walked to the corner of frazho and gratiot and my mommy picked him up cuz it was cold <3 so then whatever.we jus came to my house and sat up in my room until 11ish.then he forgot his cell fone so we had to drive all the way bck to my house to get it.we both went in to get it.i did my secret move on him ;) lol.i didnt see his yet.but uhm.then we drove him home.lmfao my moms like "you can kiss her goodbye eric"...and im like "okay eric call me tomorow" lmfao.my moms gay.but then i watched elimidate.called kim.and i have no clue when or where i fell asleep.i have no memory past 11 45 last night.

today i duno what im doing.im about to watch "screwed" with dave chappelle while i run on the treadmill tho so.update later.

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